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Shot of Dyson Cu-Beam lighting over desk

Uniform Wares watchmakers case study

Two men working under the Dyson Cu-Beam light

The business

Uniform Wares is a premium brand founded in London, by Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles. Since 2009, their brand has championed sophistication, minimalism and contemporary design.

The problem

The wall-washer LEDs in their showroom and design meeting room failed to meet their needs.

Watches and sketches being displayed under Dyson lighting

Weak light

"Without targeted light, there wasn’t sufficient illumination for scrutinising layouts at specific workspaces. In the showroom, it was difficult to present our collections to buyers or the press. In the office, it was hard to analyse designs."

Unfocused light

Every light source creates its own shadow. With several LEDs, the light was blurred and 'noisy', with multiple shadows. While this was satisfactory for general lighting, it was no good for focusing clearly on intricate designs.

The Solution: Cu-Beam Down light

The custom-engineered lens focuses a targeted pyramid of light that clearly Illuminates the showroom and layout table.

  • Powerful light

    Thanks to Heat pipe technology, which transfers heat away from the light source, a Cu-Beam Down light uses a single, high-power LED, with no compromise on output. The result is powerful light, precisely where they need it.

  • Crisp, focused lighting

    The adjustable trim blades enable more accurate optical control. As Oliver observes: "The single light source with only one shadow, and the ability to crop the throw of light, is ideal for reviewing designs."

  • Positive impact

    "Its compact, minimalist design and contemporary architectural aesthetic suits our brand perfectly," concludes Oliver. "It also creates a more appealing environment to work in - we've had extremely positive feedback from press, buyers and staff."


Watches and sketches under Dyson Cu-Beam lighting


Cu-Beam Down light

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