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CSYS floor light
Dyson CSYS task light logo

CSYS Floor light in silver. Freestanding, for any task.

Warm, powerful light. Precisely where you need it.

Available in two colour options and two colour temperatures.

Unfortunately, this machine has been discontinued but we have some great alternatives.

All features

  • Powerful, long-lasting light
    Heat pipe technology keeps eight high-power LEDs cool enough to last up to 144,000 hours, at 648 lux.¹

  • Precision positioning
    3 Axis Glide™ motion puts powerful light precisely where you need it: vertically, horizontally and through 360°.

  • Precision dimming
    Touch-sensitive, continuous dimming means CSYS™ task lights suit any task. Built-in memory recalls your last setting. 

  • Controlled glare
    The conical reflectors that house each LED control glare and focus a targeted pyramid of light, whatever the task.

  • Energy efficiency
    High-power LEDs use a fraction of the energy of some conventional halogen desk lights. 

  • 2-year warranty
    On parts. 


  • Colour temperature

    2,700 K

  • Light source


  • CRI

    80(typ) 80(typ)

  • Light output

    650 lm

  • LED life time

    Stays bright for 144,000* hrs Conserve sa brillance jusqu’à 144 000* hrs

  • Standby power consumption

    0.3 W

  • Beam angle

    60 degrees

  • Weight

    11.1 lb 24.47 lb

Dyson CSYS 2K task light
  • Height

    1,410 mm 1,410 mm

  • Length

    315 mm 315 mm

  • Width

    725 mm 725 mm

Video description: Guide to CSYS task light

How to assemble the CSYS™ task light.

An easy-to-use guide is contained within the packaging. Alternatively, you can watch our step-by-step video, showing you how to set up and use your CSYS™ task light.

Video Transcript

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