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 Dyson fan heater airflow schematic
 Dyson fan heater airflow schematic

Air Multiplier™ technology.

Air is drawn in by the impeller, and passes over a 5° airfoil-shaped ramp – with the Bernoulli principle creating an area of low pressure. This induces air behind the fan, whilst surrounding air follows the airflow in a process known as entrainment – amplifying the initial airflow by as much as 15 times.

 Dyson fan heater airflow schematic

Jet Focus control.

In focused mode, warm air is powerfully accelerated from the rear aperture, where it’s channelled into a long-range jet of heat. Building on the principles of fluidics, first discovered in the 1960s, this powerful jet is deflected by a second jet, striking it at precisely the right angle. This guides the airflow over a wider angle, evenly heating a whole room.

 Dyson fan heater exploded view
 Dyson fan heater exploded view

Positive temperature coefficient ceramic plates.

Using a similar technology to cooling channels on jet engines, ceramic plates within the loop amplifier heat the airflow, whilst siphoning off a small amount of cool air. This cool air is circulated between the plates and the thermoplastic, creating a buffer to keep the surfaces of the fan heater cool to touch. The ceramic plates warm up to a self-regulating 200°C - below the burning point of dust.

Dyson Hot+Cool™ Jet Focus AM09 (White/Silver)

Overall rating

83% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

Multi use


I purchased this Fan at a time where it was really cold, but i was amazed to the cool features that it also provides, this multi use makes every dollar worth it. It is great for the summer and for winter it keeps you cool and warm when needed. I love the fact that it has a timer and a room temperature meeter so that it doesn't over heat the room.