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Frequently asked questions

Will this attachment fit my existing Dyson Supersonicᵀᴹ hair dryer? Can this attachment be purchased separately?

Yes, the new Flyaway attachment will fit existing machines. It can be purchased individually from or your local Dyson Direct Demo Store.

Will it be included within the box if I’m purchasing the Dyson Supersonicᵀᴹ hair dryer?

Yes, it will be included in all Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryers purchased from Summer 2021 onwards.

What causes flyaways?

Flyaway hairs are single fibres that, due to static interaction, are repelled from the body of the hair. Static interaction results in reduced strand alignment, when the strands do not sit smoothly in arrangement with the desired style, giving the appearance of a disordered style.

How does the Flyaway attachment work?

The new Flyaway attachment for the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer harnesses the Coanda effect – a phenomenon first engineered for styling within the Dyson AirwrapTM styler – to attract and lift longer hairs to the front, whilst pushing flyaways through the tress and out of sight. Hiding flyaways increases strand alignment and enhances natural shine. The flyaway attachment should be used as a finishing tool for straight/straighter styles.

How does the Flyaway attachment prevent hair from extreme heat damage?

Dyson engineers recognised that by harnessing the Coanda effect, flyaways can be tamed with airflow alone, saving stylers from sacrificing hair health in pursuit of a smooth, sleek finish.