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Dyson Ball Animal vacuum with Pet groom tool

The best cleaning performance of any upright de-tangling vacuum.¹

Dyson deep cleans your home. And your pet.

Powerful suction. Automatically de-tangles hair.

Video Transcript

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Dyson Ball Animal vacuum sucking up pet hair

Powerful suction

The powerful Motorbar™ cleaner head sucks up pet hair fast. Automatically de-tangles.

Dyson de-tangling technology

Cleans pet hair wherever it gets, and removes tangled pet hair. Engineered for homes with pets.

  • Motorbar™ cleaner head

    Sucks up pet hair fast. Hair removal vanes automatically clear wrapped hair as it cleans.

  • Tangle-free turbine tool

    Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair from carpets, cars and upholstery. No more tangles.

Dog and cat lying in a large living room

Pet dander is a source of indoor air pollution

Pets drop more than just hair. Microscopic dried skin cells called pet dander can float in the air before settling on hard surfaces. These invisible particles can cause allergic reactions in humans.


Pet paws and hair can pick up outdoor allergens like tree and grass pollen – and spread them indoors.


Dried-on saliva can cling to pet hair and become a breeding ground for microscopic bacteria.

Pet dander

Pet dander is an allergen that can easily stick to pet hair, furniture, bedding and upholstery. 

Pet hair

You can see pet hair – but not the dirt and other matter that can cling to it.

  • Cleans all floor types

    Choose from three suction modes to adapt around your home. For short, medium and deep pile carpets, and hard floors.

  • Rides on a ball

    Ergonomically designed, Dyson Ball™ technology steers smoothly around your home’s twists and turns, with a gentle turn of the wrist.

Tested for durability

  • hrs

    of back-to-back testing completed on the Motorbar™ cleaner head.

  • km

    of continuous push and pull life testing on Dyson Ball™ vacuums.

  • hrs

    of continuous motor life testing carried out on Dyson vacuums.

Man using the Pet groom tool on his dog

Comfortably grooms your pet

The Pet groom tool sucks up loose hairs directly into the bin – reducing the spread of pet hair around your home. Suitable for pets with medium length and long hair.

Video Transcript

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  • Captures loose hair

    Brushes, then removes loose hairs from your pet directly into the vacuum.

  • Grooms quickly and comfortably

    364 bristles are angled at 35º, and flex to an upright position as you brush.

  • Removes allergens as you go

    Captures dead skin cells with every stroke – so they don't spread around your home.

A range of Dyson-engineered tools and accessories

Tools for any task

Reach further, clean deeper – with Dyson-engineered tools for whole-home cleaning.

Easy to maintain

  • Large bin for longer cleans

    A bigger bin means longer cleans between emptying. Dirt is hygienically ejected at the touch of a button – so there’s no need to get your hands dirty.

  • Washable filter maintains suction

    Dyson washable vacuum filters capture microscopic particles. Washing them is quick and easy, and can help your vacuum retain its power.

Choose your model

Only at Dyson

Dyson Ball Animal 3 Complete

The best cleaning performance of any upright de-tangling vacuum.¹

Dyson can deep clean your home - and your pet. Includes the Groom tool and Tangle-free turbine tool.

Only at Dyson: Exclusive Model with tools for tough tasks.

Includes 11 tools

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  • Combination tool

    Two tools in one - brush and wide nozzle. For switching between tasks.

  • Stair tool

    Velour strips pick up hair and dirt from stairs

  • Mattress tool

    Removes dirt and allergens from mattresses and upholstery.

  • Tangle-free turbine tool

    The only turbine tool that doesn't tangle. Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair from carpets and upholstery. No more tangles.

  • Carbon fibre soft dusting brush

    Re-engineered with carbon fibre filaments to capture more fine dust on delicate surfaces.

  • Articulating hard floor tool

    Soft nylon bristles gently remove dust. Ultra-slim profile reaches into awkward gaps.

  • Reach under tool

    Extends, bends and twists to remove dust and allergens from awkward spaces.

  • Multi-angle brush tool

    Twists into different positions and angles for easy high-reach cleaning.

  • Quick-release groom tool

    Mess-free grooming for medium- and long-haired dogs

  • Tool holder

    Conveniently stores tools on the machine, so you always have them with you as you clean.

  • Tool bag

    Stow and organize your Dyson vacuum's tools in this handy bag

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¹ Four-carpet Geomean per ASTM F608-18. Tested against corded vacuums marketed with de-tangling cleaner heads from Jan 2021 to Dec 2021.

² Suitable for medium and long hair types only. Read instructions before use.

³  Filtration tested to ASTMF1977, Allergen capture based on particle size.