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Close-up of James Dyson

Invention: A Life

James Dyson

Welcome to the Dyson Newsroom.

  • Feature
    Dyson 9kJ

    As people return to public spaces after months of lockdown, many are considering what the future looks like for public washrooms.

    Dyson Canada JDA winner - Guided Hands

    McMaster engineer student Lianna Genovese wins the Candian James Dyson Award 2021 for her invention: Guided Hands.

    The Dyson Air Purification range

    Dyson's latest air purification range includes enhancements across the board, from HEPA H13 filtration to being 20% quiter across certain models.


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    James Dyson Award national winners 2021

    New hair tool, developed for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, harnesses the Coanda effect to hide flyaways - without extreme heat.

    news motif
    James Dyson Award national winners 2021

    We reveal the National finalists across the 28 markets the James Dyson Award operates in. Learn all about their inventions here.   


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    A Dyson Airblade handdryer in a bathroom.

    Hand hygiene is more than just proper washing. Complete, hygienic drying is just as crucial.

  • Feature
    Model styling her hair with the Dyson Supersonic

    Care for her hair this Mother's Day with Dyson's Intelligent Heat Control technology. Choose from four of the latest looks as Dyson influencers share their tips and tricks.  

  • Feature
    James Dyson
  • Feature
    Dyson Airblade in a bathroom

    After almost a year of working remotely during a global pandemic, many office workers are already treturning to the workplace, with a keen focus on staying safe, and a demand for healthy and hygienic workspaces, including shared spaces such as washrooms.

  • Dyson purifier and filters

    You would never buy a car based on speed alone and the same goes for an air purifier… So what else should you be considering?

  • Aspirateur sans fil Dyson V15 Detect™

    Dyson Canada launches laser technology, a redesigned format and advanced hair pickup tools in new range of cordless vacuums

    Watch James Dyson reveal the Dyson V15 Detectᵀᴹ Total Clean, our most powerful and intelligent vacuum yet[1], and the Dyson Omni-glideᵀᴹ.

    The 2020 James Dyson Award winners.

    See this year's winners.

  • The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool purifying fan heater projecting both warm and cold air around a home

    Purifiers come in many shapes and sizes, from whole-room and personal to portable purifiers. Even within these categories there is significant variation – in price, in performance, in appearance. So how can you choose the best purifier for your home?

  • Living room setting with a fireplace and a Dyson purifier in the foreground

    With people spending even more time indoors as they prepare for a lockdown winter, our Dyson specialists share their top tips on how to keep a healthy home over the long, cold winter.

  • The AeroLyze glumcometer, winner of the 2020 US James Dyson award.

    October 15 2020

    Following the announcement of the James Dyson Award National Winners, the Top 20 shortlist of inventions from around the world are revealed.  

  • The James Dyson Award winner of the Canada, the Attentiv.

    September 17 2020

    A group of six University of British Columbia engineering students discovered the problem and prevalence of IV infiltration specifically among vulnerable populations like neonatal or elderly patients after interviewing over 70 biomedical experts including professors, industry leaders, and clinicians.

A Dyson Digital Motor and main body.

Only a Dyson works like a Dyson

The engineering behind Dyson vacuums.

  • The Dyson Demo Store in Calgary.

    September 15 2020

    Dyson opens its third Dyson Demo store at the Chinook Centre,  designed to encourage people to pick up, test and understand Dyson technology.

  • The most trusted brand badge, awarded to Dyson Canada.

    August 21 2020

    Dyson ranks as a Most Trusted Brand in the sixth annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index by the University of Victoria and the #1 most trusted appliance brand.

  • A woman reading to a child with the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool purifier humidifier fan projecting cool air around the room

    August 11 2020

    The new Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool™ machine uses UV-C technology to hygienically humidify in winter, evaporatively cool in summer and efficiently purify all year round.


  • A woman using the Dyson V11 Outsize vacuum to clear debris from a carpet

    August 11 2020

    Offering the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum.


  • Dyson logo.

    June 12 2020

    Dyson's statement on racial equality and standing against racism.


  • A woman uses the Dyson V11 in her home.

    June 16 2020

    Dyson's team of microbiologists share their top tips for a weekly cleaning plan.

Dyson engineer sketchbook.

Doing more with less

By James Dyson

James Dyson looking at the Dyson Battery Electric Vehicle

The Dyson Battery Electric Vehicle

By James Dyson

  • JDF Challenge Cards

    June 3 2020

    With schools closed and limited opportunities for outdoor activities, learning at home has become a challenge for parents all around the world.

  • An air quality backpack

    June 3 2020

    Dyson announces global project using wearable air monitoring technology to investigate air quality changes in cities during and after the COVID-19 lockdown period.

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