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Close up of the Dyson Groom Tool.

Groom tool

Comfortable, mess-free grooming for medium- and long-haired dogs.

Groom tool demonstration. Tool being used to clean loose pet hair.

Captures loose hair.

Brushes, then removes loose hairs from your dog directly into the vacuum – stopping them from spreading around the home.

Model and dog using Groom tool

The ideal companion.

Grooming is fast and comfortable for your dog.

Airflow schematic.

Removes allergens as you go.

Dead skin cells are captured with every brush stroke – so they get removed, not spread around your home.

All features

  • No buttons or dials

    Adjust bristle length and switch between groom, self-clean and self-store modes, with single thumb control.

  • Flexible bristles

    The 364 bristles are angled at 35°, and flex to an upright position as you brush. So they penetrate your dog's coat to grab loose hairs.

  • For medium and long-haired dogs

    Designed for adult dogs with longer hair.

Also fits these machines

Some machines are excluded from the ranges shown

  1. Dyson DC07 All Floors
  2. Dyson DC07 Animal
  3. Dyson DC07 Pink

  1. Dyson DC14 (Future Shop and Best Buy Exclusive)
  2. Dyson DC14 All Floors
  3. Dyson DC14 Animal
  4. Dyson DC14 Full Kit
  5. Dyson DC14 Total Clean

  1. Dyson DC17 Full Kit

  1. Dyson DC18 All Floors

  1. Dyson DC20 All Floors

  1. Dyson DC23 All Floors
  2. Dyson DC23 Turbinehead Animal

  1. Dyson DC24 Multi Floor

  1. Dyson DC25 Animal
  2. Dyson DC25 Full Kit
  3. Dyson DC25 Multi Floor
  4. Dyson DC25 Pink

  1. Dyson DC26 City Multi Floor

  1. Dyson DC27 All Floors

  1. Dyson DC33 Multi Floor
  2. Dyson DC33 Multi Floor
  3. Dyson DC33 Origin

  1. Dyson DC37 Animal
  2. Dyson DC37 Multi Floor Pro
  3. Dyson DC37 Origin

  1. Dyson DC66 Animal
  2. Dyson DC66 Full Kit
  3. Dyson DC66 Multi Floor (Silver/Blue)
  4. Dyson DC66 Multi Floor (Yellow)

  1. Dyson Ball Animal 2
  2. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Origin vacuum
  3. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean (Costco Exclusive)

  1. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

  1. Big Ball Total Clean (Costco Exclusive)
  2. Dyson Big Ball Animal
  3. Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor
  4. Dyson Big Ball Origin
  5. Dyson Big Ball™️ Extra

  1. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal
  2. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor

  1. Dyson Cinetic™ DC77 Animal
  2. Dyson Cinetic™ DC77 Multi Floor

  1. Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor
  2. Dyson Slim Ball Multi Floor

  1. Dyson Small Ball Animal

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