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Cutaway showing the technology packed inside the Dyson 360 Heurist robot

Twice the suction of any robot vacuum* and 20X more memory than its predecessor.⁴

• Intelligent SLAM vision system

• Dyson digital motor V2

• Full-width brush bar

• Tank tracks

• Radial Root Cyclone™ technology

*Suction testing based on ASTM F558, dust-loaded against robot market.

⁴ Compared to the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot.

Close up of the technology in the SLAM vision system

Intelligent SLAM vision system

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology means the robot always knows where it is in the room.

Hemispheric lens

The fish-eye lens has six elements, allowing it to see 360° and accurately interpret its surroundings.

A silver lampshade reflecting 360 degrees

The lampshade moment

We realized that intelligent navigation was crucial. Inspired by the Dyson café’s chrome light shades, our engineers tried turning one upside down and fitting a camera underneath. It allowed us to film panoramically, and was the beginning of our unique 360° vision system.

Aerial view of how a Dyson 360 Heurist robot maps the home

Learning behaviour

Our engineers made the robot capable of heuristic – or learning – behaviour. It continually refines a map of your home. It uses its memory to evaluate where it should clean next, any instructions you’ve given it, and how to clean each area most effectively.

"Since we started working on robotics, we wanted to produce a vacuum that cleaned properly – not just a gadget. Ours has eight sensors for improved navigation, and powerful suction, so it can clean your home."

James Dyson - Engineer

Close up of the navigation sensors

Navigation sensors

A total of eight sensors help the robot see a four-metre diameter around it. There are two cross-sword sensors at the front, two drop sensors, two wall sensors, and two long-distance sensors.

Technology based on big Dyson vacuums

Patented Dyson vacuum technology, engineered for powerful suction.

Close up of the Dyson digital motor V2

Dyson digital motor V2

Small, light, yet extremely powerful. Spins at 78,000rpm, generating 20% more suction than the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum.

Close up of the cyclone technology

Radial Root Cyclone™ technology

Based on our full-size and cord-free vacuum technology, centrifugal forces inside the cyclones create up to 70,000g to spin dirt out of the air. So more is captured in the bin.

Cleans wherever it goes

Close up of the spinning brush bar

Full-width brush bar

The 21.2cm wide brush bar stretches the full width of the machine – so it cleans right to the edge of the robot.

High rotation speed

The brush bar speed has been increased from our previous robot to 1,600rpm, for increased dust removal.

Close up of the spinning brush bar

Carbon fibre filaments

Anti-static strips contain 2,190,330 carbon fibre filaments to pick up fine dust from hard floors.

Stiff nylon bristles

The brush bar has 6,947 stiff nylon bristles to drive deeper into the carpet to optimize dirt pick-up. Bristles are 100% stiffer than the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot.

  • Lines of code. Being added to all the time.

  • Kilometers driven by prototype rigs

  • Punches of the on/off switch

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Dyson 360 Heurist™

Dyson 360 Heurist™

Twice the suction of any other robot vacuum¹

Intelligent SLAM Navigation with LED lights

2 power modes. Cleaning that suits you.

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