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Combination tool

Part no. 914361-01

Two tools in one, for versatile cleaning around the home.


Combination tool

Part no. 914361-01

Two tools in one, for versatile cleaning around the home.


Perfect for your Dyson V6 Slim Extra
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Also fits these machines

Some machines are excluded from the ranges shown

  1. Dyson V6 Slim Origin
  2. Dyson V6 Origin
  3. Dyson V6 Cord-free
  4. Dyson V6 Absolute
  5. Dyson V6 Animal
  6. Dyson V6 Full Kit Exclusive
  7. Dyson V6 Slim
  8. Dyson V6 Origin
  9. Dyson V6 +
  10. Dyson V6 Slim Origin
  11. Dyson V6 Cord-free
  12. Dyson V6 Animal
  13. Dyson V6 +
  14. Dyson V6 Slim
  15. Dyson V6 Absolute

  1. Dyson V6 Trigger +
  2. Dyson V6 Mattress
  3. Dyson V6 Trigger Origin
  4. Dyson V6™️ Trigger (Canadian Tire Exclusive)
  5. Dyson V6 Trigger +
  6. Dyson V6™️ Trigger (Canadian Tire Exclusive)
  7. Dyson V6 Trigger Origin
  8. Dyson V6 Mattress

  1. Dyson DC57 Hard floors

  1. Dyson DC61 Animal
  2. Dyson DC61 Animal

  1. Dyson DC31
  2. Dyson DC31 Motorhead

  1. Dyson DC24 Multi Floor

  1. Dyson DC34 Car+Boat
  2. Dyson DC34 Animal
  3. Dyson DC34 Animal
  4. Dyson DC34

  1. Dyson DC43H

  1. Dyson DC35 Digital Slim
  2. Dyson DC35 Full Kit Exclusive

  1. Dyson DC30
  2. Dyson DC30

  1. Dyson DC62 Animal
  2. Dyson DC62 Animal

  1. Dyson DC45 Animal
  2. Dyson DC45 Animal

  1. Dyson V6 Animal vacuum
  2. Dyson V6 Animal vacuum

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