Root Cyclone™ technology

Conventional vacuum cleaners rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. But when you start to use some bagged machines, dust can clog the tiny holes in the bag. Some ordinary bagless vacuum cleaners work in a similar way. They use a central filter to trap fine dust, which can clog too. Suction drops, leaving dust and dirt behind in your home.

Dyson's patented Root Cyclone™ technology doesn't rely on a bag to trap dust and dirt. Instead, it spins the air so fast that centrifugal forces up to 268,000 times the force of gravity fling dust and dirt out of the air and straight into the clear bin. And that includes the fine dust that can restrict airflow in some ordinary bagless vacuums.

Lightweight adjustable wand

Lightweight extension tube adjusts to the length you want to clean stairs and hard-to-reach places.

Lightweight adjustable wand
Motorized brush bar

Independent motor drives the brush bar for better cleaning performance.

Motorized brush bar
Convenient tool storage

The combination brush/crevice tool and stair tool that come with the machine store on the wand so they are always on hand when you need them.

Convenient tool storage
Detachable handle / hose

Allows tools to click-fit directly to the end of either the hose or handle. This gives even more options for cleaning both high-reach places and confined spaces.

Detachable handle hose
Hygienic and quick to empty

Emptying the bin on a Dyson vacuum is quick and hygienic. Just press the button to release the dirt. The bin is clear, so you can see when it needs emptying - and how much dust, dirt and pet hair the machine has captured. Dyson vacuums were the first to have clear bins - despite market researchers insisting it was a bad idea. Now clear bins are everywhere (though not all are made from the same ABS polycarbonate as riot shields, like Dyson bins).

Hygienic and quick to empty
Ball™ technology for upright vacuums

Conventional upright vacuum cleaners use fixed wheels. But wheeled vacuums can be awkward to steer and can make you work a lot harder than you need to. All that back and forth around corners and obstacles. Ball™ technology is a radical alternative to fixed wheels. Dyson Ball™ vacuums ride on a ball, which pivots on itself so you can instantly change direction with just a turn of the wrist.

Ball technology
DC29 Multi Floor
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