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A Light that 'Works'!

Although this is a very expensive floor lamp, it is worth every penny. Not only does it look very stylish, but it produces light of a quality that makes reading, sewing, knitting, surfing, or anything you might want to do so much easier. I particularly like the fact that it remains cool, so if I want the lamp very close for detailed work, I don't have to put up with being heated up! The degree of flexibility is extremely useful too, and it's so easy to use, gliding up or down, forward and back, and revolving effortlessly.
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3 Axis Glide™ motion

You can position the light exactly where you need with just the touch of a fingertip. It moves vertically, horizontally and rotationally through 360°. Simply gliding in a unique way.

Heat pipe technology

Heat is drawn away from the LEDs using technology typically found in satellites. It's dissipated through an aluminium heat sink, which forms the light's horizontal arm.

Precision dimming

CSYS™ task lights have touch-sensitive, continuous dimming. So you can adjust them to exactly the level of light you need. The dimmer has a memory, so when you switch the light back on it's exactly how you left it.

High power LEDs

Eight LEDs provide warm, white light for 144,000 hours1. Each one is housed in a conical reflector to eliminate glare.

Heat pipe technology to cool LEDs.

A vacuum-sealed copper tube spans the arm of each
CSYS™ task light. This tube contains a drop of water,
which rests above the LEDs when cool.

See how Heat pipe technology cools the LEDs below.

Find out how it works.

Free delivery

Free shipping

2 year warranty

Free 2 year warranty

With all CSYS™ task lights:

  • CSYS Powerful light

    Powerful light

    Heat pipe technology allows for 8 high-power LEDs to be positioned just 8mm apart, providing a light output of 648 lux over 1m2.

  • CSYS 3 Axis Glide™ motion

    Stays precisely where you need it

    3 Axis Glide™ motion adjusts the light horizontally, vertically and rotationally. And with no springs
    or pivots, the light
    doesn't droop.

  • CSYS Dimming

    Precision dimming

    Touch-sensitive, continuous dimming makes the light suitable for any task. Built-in memory recalls your most recent light level setting.

  • CSYS glare control.

    Stays bright for 144,000 hours

    Heat pipe technology cools LEDs to sustain brightness over
    144,000 hours1.

  • CSYS save energy

    Save energy

    Using high-power LEDs that stay bright for 144,000 hours***, they also use a fraction of the energy of a conventional desk light.

  • 2 year guarantee

    2 year warranty

    All CSYS™ task lights are covered by a 2 year warranty on parts only.

comparing the brightness of a conventional light and CSYS™ task lights

Stays bright for up to
144,000 hours1 

CSYS™ task lights use Heat pipe technology to direct heat away from their LEDs, sustaining brightness for up to 144,000 hours1 .

Loses brightness

Neglecting to protect LEDs from heat can damage their phosphorous coating, degrading brightness and colour.

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