Cooling Fan Dyson AM06

Powerful airflow. Now up to 75% quieter.5

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Free 2 year warranty

Some fans are quiet but weak. Others are powerful but noisy.

The Dyson Cool™ fans are quiet and powerful.

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Some tower fans are quiet but weak. Others are powerful but noisy.

The Dyson Cool™ fans are quiet and powerful.

Reduced Noise

Noise reduction

In a semi-anechoic chamber, 10 microphones arranged in a virtual hemisphere measured sound power levels. Binaural recording devices studied sound quality. UV paints and smoke were passed through the machines to identify and visualise airflow turbulence's - captured by high-speed cameras. And aero-acoustic rigs isolated motor bucket sound.

Powerful airflow

Air Multiplier™ technology enables Dyson Cool™ fans to be up to 75% quieter and use up to 40% less power - yet generate powerful airflow.

Powerful air projection

Powerful air projection. No blades.

AM06 Large Technology Panel

Re-engineered airflow paths

Engineered to significantly reduce turbulence throughout the machine. Airflow paths have been streamlined allowing air to pass through the machine with greater efficiency.

Helmholtz cavity

Now housing a Hemholtz cavity, designed to capture and dissipate motor noise. And an eccentrically aligned loop allows air to enter with less turbulence, further reducing noise.

All Dyson fans have:

  • Safe


    No fast-spinning blades

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean - no fiddly grilles

    There aren't any blades so there isn't a fiddly grille either. This makes Dyson fans and fan heaters quick and easy to clean.

  • Safe

    Sleep timer.

    Fan can be programmed to turn off after pre-set intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

  • Remote control

    Remote control.

    10 precise airflow settings. Magnetised to store on the machine.

  • Air Multiplier

    No blades. No choppy air.

    Air Multiplier™ technology amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.

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AM06 Caveat
Powerful airflow.
Now 75% quieter.1 
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AM07 Motiff
Powerful airflow.
Now 60% quieter.1 
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