2 Tier Radial™ cyclone technology

32 cyclones working in parallel, across two tiers, generate high centrifugal forces. More microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns are captured from the airflow.

Radial Root Cyclone technology
Carbon fibre motorhead

Rotating nylon brushes remove ground-in dirt from carpets. Ultra-fine conductive carbon fibre brushes clean hard floors.

Carbon fibre turbine head
Hygienic bin emptying

Push button bin empty – quick and hygienic. Simply press the button and the bin’s base opens to release the dirt.

Hygienic bin emptying
Ball™ technology

With the latest Ball™ technology, DC46 turns on the spot. It has a central steering mechanism for more accurate steering.

Dyson Ball technology
Certified asthma and allergy friendly™

The DC46 is certified asthma and allergy friendly™ by the Asthma Society of Canada™

Certified asthma and allergy
Compact and light to pull

The ball has a smooth surface with low friction bearings, so DC46 is light to pull across different floor surfaces. It’s also light to carry, weighing 6.6kg.

Compact and light to pull
DC46 Motorhead

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