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Dyson Customer Care is available 6 days a week.

  • Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm, EST
  • Saturday: 9am - 5pm, EST

Dyson Customer Care - Holiday Hours:

Dec 24: 8am - 1pm
Dec 25: CLOSED
Dec 26: CLOSED
Dec 27: 9am – 5pm
Dec 28: 9am – 5pm
Dec 29: 8am – 7pm
Dec 30: 8am – 7pm
Dec 31: 8am - 4pm

  • Toll free 1-877-397-6622
  • Dyson Canada Limited,
    312 Adelaide Street West,
    7th Floor,
    M5V 1R2

Get expert help from Dyson

Help and support for all Dyson machines. Download user manuals, watch support videos, get filter wash instructions and more.

To get started, first let us know which machine you own.  You can do this either by selecting your machine from images of Dyson products, or by entering your serial number.

Select your machine:

Or select your machine using the serial number:

If you know the serial number, enter the first three digits in the box below. The serial number can be found on the rating plate sticker. Example of a serial number:

123-CA-A12345 or AB1-CA-AAA1111A. 
(You only need the first 3 digits).

The rating plate sticker can be found on your machine.