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Fastest whole room heating in winter. High velocity air to cool in summer.

AM05 hot

Air Multiplier™ technology. How it works.

AM05 uses Air Multiplier™ technology for long-range heat projection so you feel direct heat throughout the room. When used as a cooling fan it has powerful airflow and high air velocity to cool you effectively. There are no visible heating elements or fast-spinning blades, and the unit switches off automatically if tipped over.

Air is drawn in at the base of the machine. It is accelerated through a 2.5mm aperture, which creates an annular jet of air that passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channelling its direction. Surrounding air is drawn into the airflow, amplifying it. This is called inducement and entrainment.

Air Multiplier technology image

AM05 features

Safe panel image

Safety features

Some conventional fan heaters have fast-spinning blades and hot elements that have to be guarded by safety grilles. AM05 has no blades or visible heating elements. It cuts out automatically if tipped over.

Precise control panel image

Precise control

Set your target temperature to the degree. Airflow, oscillation and temperature can all be controlled using the remote control, which stores magnetically on the top of the machine when not in use.

No burning smell panel image

No worrying burning smell

Heating elements never exceed 200°C, which is below dust burning point, so there is no worrying burning smell.

Save energy panel image

Save energy

AM05 is energy efficient because it heats the room quickly and evenly. It also uses an intelligent thermostat to control the temperature, switching heat on and off automatically.